Can’t Sleep? Try Putting The Three “Kids” To Bed Mindfully

how to fall asleep mindfully

It’s a vicious cycle, and one that probably sounds all too familiar: You’re stressed and need to sleep to feel better. But you can’t sleep because you’re stressed. Proper sleep is crucial for feeling and performing at your best. Without it, we become forgetful, moody, and even a bit irrational at times. Common advice says to simply turn off your cell phone, avoid caffeine after 2 pm, and maybe even buy a fancy new mattress online. But what happens if none of that works? What if you can’t find your body’s off-switch? Preparing your whole being for sleep often takes more than just turning off the lights and closing your eyes. It’s a process that should address your entire being – heart, mind, and body. One popular sleep technique rooted in mindfulness that can help you do this is one we’ve affectionally named “Putting the Three Kids to Bed”. As…

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Reaching Your Full Potential: The Most Effective Options For Relieving Anxiety

anxiety treatments

Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness or apprehension. It can be a pounding heart during a presentation, feelings of worry leading up to a job interview, a sense of self-consciousness walking into a room full of strangers, or nerves before a big exam. Anxiety can present itself in many different forms from restlessness to fatigue, extreme focus to an inability to concentrate. It can bring along with it deep emotions, intense thoughts, and distracting physical symptoms. It can be felt very slightly or at incredibly overwhelming levels. It can sometimes be anticipated, though it has a tendency to sneak up on those who least expect it. In many cases, anxiety can be extremely beneficial, helpful even. It can help make a person feel like they’re “on”, energized, ready to go. It can also send a signal to someone that they’re in an unsafe situation and should move on. But while…

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‘Cringeworthy’: Author Melissa Dahl Learns To Embrace Her Awkward Moments

melissa dahl cringeworthy

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by those you did do”. If you’ve been anywhere near social media over the past few years, chances are you’ve come across these words. And as it turns out, science shows us that there’s actually a lot of truth to them. People do tend to look back at moments in their lives and feel more disappointed by times of inaction than the times when they took a chance. Still, many of us often hold back from saying what’s on our minds or avoid doing things we really want to do out of self-consciousness, embarrassment, and fear of judgment from others. In social psychology, this is known as the spotlight effect. We tend to believe that others notice us more than they actually do. It’s not that no one is paying attention to us; it’s…

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Peak Performance Coach Dr. Don Greene On Calculating Your Optimal Performance Energy Level

dr don greene centering

A champion Olympic diver fails to execute on the same dive that won her a medal during the previous games. An accomplished trumpeter who’s performed on stage alongside some of the world’s most notable musicians freezes up during an audition. A senior Wall Street broker constantly chastises himself at work, convinced he’s not really good enough for the senior position he’s earned. Peak performance psychologist Dr. Don Greene has spent his career guiding and coaching people through high-pressure, trying moments just like these. And in his work, he’s discovered that when the human body is under pressure, it tends to react in a relatively predictable manner, no matter what the stressor is. So despite facing very different situations above, the people in these scenarios will react in a similar way physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. Dr. Greene has found that the same causes are often the root of performance stress in…

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Composed Documentary Uncovers The Secrets Of Stage Fright And Performance Anxiety Management In Classical Music

composed documentary beta blockers

Auditions are the lifeblood of any professional musician. And performances are at the crux of everything they work so hard for. But when the time comes to take the stage, many are overtaken by an overwhelming sense of self-doubt. What if they miss a note and embarrass themselves on stage? What if the audience refuses to applaud them? What if an audition judge deems them inferior? And because they can’t afford to let performance anxiety take away their confidence during the most pivotal moments, musicians will try almost anything, from bananas to beta blockers, to quiet their fears. But though stage fright and the search for relief from it is one of the most common phenomena in the world, there remains a secretiveness around it. There’s long been a belief that musicians should exude pure confidence and grow to become consistently certain and fearless underneath the spotlight. These challenges were…

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How Actor & Acting Coach Jeanie Hackett Used Beta Blockers To Cure Her Audition Anxiety

Oftentimes, job interviews are nerve-wracking, stomach-twisting experiences that magnify stress levels. But thankfully, they’re situations most of us encounter only every so often. The same can’t be said for actors, however, who rely on job interviews, or auditions, to book work on an ongoing basis. And the pressure that comes with constant auditioning can often be amplified by rejection, negative feedback, or even no feedback at all to help them prepare for the next one. This can leave them feeling out of control in their careers where so much is at stake. Professional actor, director, and acting coach Jeanie Hackett is well-versed in minimizing audition anxiety. To win auditions, she demonstrates techniques that go beyond the simple mechanics of acting, teaching her students breathing exercises and mental strength tactics. Instead of allowing her students to run away from their nerves, she encourages them to embrace and channel them into their work:…

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Guest Post From Dr. Alex Dimitriu: The Many Faces Of Social Anxiety

dr alex dimitriu

Dr. Alex Dimitriu is a Stanford trained doctor specializing in psychiatry and sleep medicine. His areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, insomnia, and more. His practice, Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine, currently serves patients in the Bay Area.  One patient would become overly nervous before his weekly tech demonstrations. Despite always being prepared and knowing the information better than anyone else in the room, his stress levels would become so high that he could barely keep his hands steady enough to work the computer as he walked the auditorium of people through his presentation. Another told me that, although she was perfectly comfortable giving large department-wide presentations, she would suddenly freeze up in one-on-one meetings with her manager. Her mouth would become so dry that when she would try and speak, her voice would crack. The sound was always humiliating to her and she felt like it…

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Former NBA Player Adonal Foyle Shares How To Train Yourself For Greater Mental Toughness

adonal foyle sports psychology

What sets the highest achievers apart from the rest? It isn’t their level of knowledge and it’s not necessarily their skill sets. The idea that talent alone is enough to put someone at the top has largely become defunct. So are they just lucky? It turns out, rather, that top performers do have something extra to pull from to help them get ahead: mental strength. Mental fortitude is the ability to remain confident in the face of challenging moments and uncomfortable situations. Mentally strong people find a way to recognize feelings of self-doubt, concerns over judgment, and fears of failure yet still move forward despite these emotions. Adonal Foyle has made it a mission to not only strengthen his own mindset but to help others do so as well. He learned very early on during his career as a professional NBA player that a balanced life that left room for…

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Performance Is Performance Is Performance: How Sports Psychology Can Help Calm Your Presentation Nerves

sports psychology for presentation nerves

Dr. Ganz Ferrance is a registered psychologist, professional speaker, published author, and coach. His practice is dedicated to helping patients who are experiencing anxiety in relationships, work, or family improve their lives using the positive psychology framework. We spoke with Dr. Ferrance to gain a better understanding of how sports psychology can be used by anyone, athlete or not, to gain public speaking confidence. Picture this: you’re walking up to your door. You pull out your keys, find the key that fits the front door lock, stick the key into the lock, and open the door. You’ve done this same scenario hundreds, if not thousands, of times, so it’s safe to say you’ve got it down. Now picture this: you’re walking up to your door. But this time, you really have to go to the bathroom, or a neighbor’s dog starts to chase you, or you hear your phone ringing…

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Bay Area Engineer James Thought He Was Unaffected By Stress. But Chest Pains And A Trip To The Doctor Told Him Something Different

stress from work

James stood up from his computer. He walked around, grabbed a drink of water, but neither helped. The sharpness in his chest just wouldn’t go away. For nearly two weeks, the same aching and discomfort returned every day and always in the exact same spot. At first, he tried to ignore it, thinking it was part of a small cold or something. But instead of going away, it had only continued to get worse. A previous smoker, James was worried that the chest pains were a sign of something more serious. As he sat on the examination table facing his doctor, he explained the intense spasms and their nightly recurrence. Less than five minutes into his appointment, his doctor had one word for his condition: stress. James was taken aback; he wasn’t one to get stressed. An iOS developer, he had never felt like the fast-paced world of Bay Area…

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